Southgate Station Professional Building Combining Architecture And Efficiency

The Southgate Station Professional Building, erected in 2011, AB, is a gorgeous multi-story professional building that claims its title as a landmark in the city of Lethbridge.

But what sets the Southgate Station building apart from other steel buildings? Well, just looking at the building can help answer that question. The project sought to combine traditional masonry and architectural moldings with the efficiency and strength of steel.

The Southgate Station building wanted to be as green as possible, integrating new-age products such as BEHLEN’s pre-finished insulated wall panels, or the bronze anodized aluminum. The modern technology used in this project allowed it to stay on budget and add whatever architectural style desired.

But the beautiful finishing touches do not stand on their own. Without BEHLEN designed-and-supplied steel supporting the second and third story, the building that primarily houses medical and dental offices would have never seen realization.