Steel Buildings – More than Big Box Stores

Perhaps because of the prevalence of big box stores in our cities across Canada, many people think that choosing a steel building for their new construction project means that their only option is a big, square box. In fact, steel buildings are as versatile as any other building method and are often less expensive to customize whether you’re looking for a unique exterior or interior.

Steel is extremely well suited to large, spacious interiors with minimal supporting elements such as columns. This is especially attractive to anyone looking to build a large retail store, agricultural storage facility, airplane hangar or sports facility (arena, riding barn, indoor soccer) where a rectangle or square are the most logical shapes. Steel buildings go up quickly and are inexpensive, easy to insulate, and incredibly durable.

Steel buildings can also be perfect if you’re looking for something with more character. A great example of a unique looking steel building is the Southgate Station that recently went up in Lethbridge, Alberta. With its feature elements, and bold lines, it looks more like a historic building than a box store.

BEHLEN has put up steel buildings all over the world for just about every kind of use. Our engineers work with builders and architects to ensure our steel buildings live up to high expectations of being low cost, energy efficient and versatile in design.

Steel is also excellent for religious facilities. Whether it’s a steeple, a stained glass window, a vaulted ceiling, or a warm inviting entrance, steel buildings can accommodate.

With so many exterior and interior finish options available today, virtually anything you can dream, you can build.