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Ceiling Attic System

Ceiling Attic System







Benefits of our Roof & Ceiling System

Our Frameless technology delivers lower energy costs because of its uniquely versatile roof system.

  • Roof system consists of corrugated roof and ceiling panels, joined by a light weight, bolt together truss.
  • Roof system provides a ventilated attic that lowers energy cost and eliminates the potential for wet insulation caused by condensation or leaks in light gauge roof cladding found in other building systems.
  • Air movement is provided through die stamped louvers in end panels.
  • In more extreme environments, mechanical ventilation can be easily incorporated.
  • Attic cavity easily accommodates cost effective blown in insulation.
  • Sealer applied on ceiling panel seam lines creates a vapor barrier and on roof panel seam lines provides a weather tight system.
  • The cavity can also accommodate wiring, HVAC duct work and pipes.
  • Unlike other construction methods, attic trusses can be designed for varying load by changing the gauges. This allows the roof system to accommodate heavy loading capacity roof equipment; there is no need to change the building’s interior or exterior dimensions.


Ideally suits to rinks, arenas and other recreational facilities. The frameless convex style offers surprisingly low-cost construction for clear spans up to 100 metres.

A lightweight strut system separating the roof and ceiling provides partial load stability. Electrical lines can be hidden in the attic area, providing clean, clear surfaces for maximum appeal.

Insulating the attic is simple with the use of blown-in materials.

  • Cost effective design allows for low construction cost
  • Energy efficient attic
  • Roof system can be designed and installed on other conventional load bearing wall systems
  • Roof can accommodate heavy roof equipment


Our flat roof systems offer clear spans of up to 350′ (106.7m), with the option of cantilevering up to half of the building’s with no structural sleet columns.

The DUBL-PANL roof is composed of two separate, continuous chords of steel panels, joined by a lightweight strut assembly. Both are long-wearing. A factory-applied finish of durable “silicone Polyester” may be ordered too.

  • Roof incorporates a slight slope to provide drainage
  • Roof system can be designed and installed on other conventional load bearing wall systems
  • Roof system can accommodate HVAC and other roof equipment
  • System can incorporate interior beam and columns to achieve greater building widths

Single Panel

The Behlen Single Panel design is a simple economical method for building clear spans ranging to a maximum of 25 ot 7.6 metres.

Roof and wall panels bolt together to form a self-supporting structure. Wider spans can be achieved with the use of structural beams and columns.

The Single Panel system leads to considerable savings in construction time and materials.

The cost of a built-up roof is avoided, and the roof can be strapped and insulated with economical fiberglass bats and finished to any desired appearance.

For smaller commercial structures where construction efficiencies and budgets are the consideration, BEHLEN’s Single Panel design is the answer.

The pleasing look of the flat roof blends in well with modern industrial or commercial developments making it an excellent choice for workshops, garages and small commercial operations.

  • Roof panel is supported by the FRAMELESS structural wall panel
  • Can incorporate beam and column to expand wider

More Advantages to our FRAMELESS Building System: