Wall System

Wall System Insulation Details - Vapourguard32

Wall System Insulation Details - Vapourguard32

Working with BEHLEN RIGID FRAME steel buildings, architects, engineers and contractors are able to select from a wide range of cladding designs in 16 different colours, along with matching trim.

Our pre-painted Perspectra Series™ Paint System offers:

• Diverse real-world durability including extreme climate conditions
• Superior flexibility and corrosion resistance
• Extensive colour options with enduring aesthetic appeal

Perspectra Series™ coated products were developed specifically to withstand the diverse and often extreme climactic variations found in North America.

The long-term environmental factors such as high UV exposure, high time-of-wetness, acid rain, chemical fallout, de-icing salts and coastal spray simply are not found in combination, or to the same degree of intensity, in either Europe, Australia or Asia. Perspectra Series™ products are built to be “Best in Class” for a broad range of industrial, commercial, recreational and institutional building applications.

BEHLEN is proud to offer the RIGID FRAME steel building system, a rigid frame system which allows for wide-open interior spaces up to 250’, without the obstructions created by columns.

These buildings are suitable to meet your needs of any size. These buildings work well for aircraft hangers, recreational facilities, factories, car dealerships and more.

More Advantages to our Rigid Frame Building System: