BEHLEN wins silver in CSSBI’s photo contest

BEHLEN placed second in Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute’s (CSSBI) photo contest in the steel building systems category, with a photo of one of the company’s international project’s.

The building is the largest convex-style frameless steel building in the world. It will house an international-sized soccer field and bleachers.

The picture clearly shows the massive scale of the building, which has a clear span of 313 feet, providing maximum versatility for the facility and unparalleled views for spectators.

The contest requires participants to submit photos of steel buildings and is judged by a panel put together by CSSBI.

The winners are chosen based on the overall aesthetics of the picture, the project’s use of sheet steel, the relevancy of sheet steel to the project, the building’s architectural design and the presentation of any unique features.

This isn’t the first time BEHLEN has been recognized in CSSBI’s photo contest. In 2010 the company received first place in the steel building systems category.

Thank you to CSSBI for your consideration. If you’d like to see some of the other contest winners, visit CSSBI’s website by clicking here.